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About Us

Agape Enrichment Ministries is a non-profit affiliate of Creative Solutions 21st Century, Inc. (an Educational and Professional Resource Consulting Company). This ministry provides Christian counseling, Educational Assistance, and Community Outreach projects that promote social change/awareness. Quality education in a Christian setting encourages each student to be and do their very best, while developing/strengthening their relationship with Christ.


Turner Preparatory Academy is a Christian preparatory school that offers students a quality Christian education, as well as a safe nurturing learning environment. We understand that students on every grade level are faced with academic and social challenges that can hinder their success/performance. We combine scriptural lessons, academics and life skills to transform each student into lifelong learners and productive citizens. Our students will learn the meaning of perseverance, as well as the benefit(s) of hard work and applied knowledge.




"Enriching the lives of young people by nurturing them spiritually, challenging them academically and enhancing the content of their character."



Each semester, T.P.A. will select fifth grade students to participate in the 

"Owl Club" Literacy Program.

  • Turner Preparatory Academy is dedicated to the academic and social development                  of each student within all programs that we offer (grades K-12 & beyond).

  • We believe in providing a biblical foundation and a nurturing environment for each              student.

  • T.P.A. will cultivate the potential of each student by assessing the needs of every type of        learner.

  • T.P.A. will strengthen the interpersonal skills of the students and encourage positive               Christian friendships among students and 


  • T.P.A. will provide a quality but fun learning experience that will strengthen each                  student spiritually, academically and socially.